Why It’s Better

Benefits of Kiln Dried Firewood

Low Moisture Content

Firewood moisture content should be below 20% before you attempt to burn it. Air dried firewood rarely reaches this point.

Energy Efficient

Because of the low moisture content, kiln dried wood lights instantly and burns 35-45% hotter than air-dried firewood.

Clean Wood

Traditionally seasoned firewood carries insects, fungus, or molds. Kiln dried wood comes bug, mold, and disease-free.

Burns Clean

Kiln dried wood from Mogren’s means you’ll have less smoke, creosote chemicals and tar buildup in your chimney.

Our Firewood

Mogren’s offers only the highest quality

We get our moisture content down to below 15% which is impossible to achieve by air drying your firewood, even after 9-12 months! Below you can find just a short list of reasons we choose to sell nothing but premium, kiln dried wood.

  • Lights Instantly
  • Bug & Disease free
  • Emerald Ash Bore Free
  • Less Smoke Produces
  • Less Creosote Chemicals
  • Burns 35-45% hotter
  • Can Transport Safely
  • Safe For Your Chimney