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Mixed Hardwoods (Campfires)


Mixed hardwoods is most commonly used for camping and recreational fires. It consists of oak, ash, maple and birch


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Half Face Cord

8 ft x 2ft x 16″

Face Cord

8 ft x 4ft x 16″

Half Cord

12 ft x 4ft x 16″

Full Cord

8 ft x 4ft x 4ft


Mixed hardwoods is a mix of many different hardwoods that can include Ash, Maple, Locust, Elm, Walnut and more! Our mixed hardwoods is also kiln dried firewood, meaning it will produce 30-40% more heat than the average log from our competitors. If you are looking for standard firewood for general burning, this is the product for you!

Mixed hardwoods will produce anywhere from 20-27 million BTU’s per cord.